With climate change being a very real reality, the world is looking for ways to decrease our carbon footprint. With all the beautiful natural springs and abundant adventures through nature in Florida, you'd think we were doing more to keep our land clean - but Florida almost ranked in the bottom 10 environmentally friendly states, and that could be a serious problem.

This study was conducted comparing all 50 states across 3 key dimensions: 1. Environmental Quality, 2. Eco-Friendly Behaviors, 3. and Climate-Change Contributions. They used 27 metrics - such as air quality, energy efficiency, gasoline consumption, recycling rates, and carbon-dioxide emissions per person. Each metric receives a point value, totaled up to get the states total Green Number - 1 being the most environmentally conscious to 50 being the least.

With Florida being home to so many state parks, gorgeous inland springs, and having sunshine year round - you would think that we'd rank higher on this list and have more renewable energy options being used; that doesn't appear to be the case.

Florida ranked 38th out of 50, and that's a little scary. Even more concerning, Florida ranked 40th for Eco-Friendly Behaviors - that's in the bottom 10. Subsequently, Florida ranked 34th for Climate-Change Contributions, putting Florida in the bottom half. Florida isn't all bad though - it ranked middle of the board at 28th for Environmental Quality.

Wallethub recognized that combating climate change comes from how we live our everyday lives, conducting this study to point out which states could be doing more to prevent the frequency of these deadly storms from rising. If you're not from Florida and want to see where your state ranked, check the map below:

Source: WalletHub

The U.S. experienced 2 of the most expensive environmental disasters in 2018: Hurricane Michael, which devastated much of Florida, and Hurricane Florence. Together both hurricanes wracked up about $20 billion dollars in damage to our cities and environment due to the Atlantic Ocean being unusually warm - which all links back to major changes in climate. For 4 consecutive years, tropical storms have been hitting before June 1st, the official start of what we know as Hurricane Season.

We may be able to prevent disasters like this from happening as often by changing our daily habits, and we certainly don't want to ruin all the natural beauty that makes us really love living in The Sunshine State. We all want to do our part to keep Florida beautiful for years to come and for the next generations to enjoy. WalletHub asked sustainable solutions expert Rajesh Buch about what you can do to do your part; you can read a small portion of his answer below:

"Learn and adapt. Become aware of what is happening around us as a society and what changes can be made, or at least what change they are comfortable making, to help move change in the direction they want to see."

For full details on determination of green rank as well more questions and answers about how our society can live more sustainably - check the full Wallethub study here.

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