The Sunshine State is famous for sandy beaches, warm weather, and some of the craziest news stories in the country. If you were worried that the ever-trending “Florida man” was having a particularly chill week then you no longer have to. A bunch of tongues in jars under a Florida home were reportedly found under the house of a Florida medical researcher, and Reddit is blowing up.

According to Tampa Bay Times, a famous pathologist named Dr. Ronald Baughman took preserved tongues with him when he moved to Gainesville to work at the University of Florida in the 60s.

He claims that he left them under the floorboards of his house because he thought it made for ideal medical storage space. Um... okay?

As weird as this story is, it seems more like a scene from The Absentminded Professor than from American Pyscho. So does this mean the case of the human tongues is closed? Well, not according to Reddit. 

The drama started when the original poster, with the username randosurfer77, posted a casual photo of some jars with names scrawled on them.

The best part was the caption that read, “I found human remains today in a crawlspace under a home.”

While we have no way of confirming this claim a slice of the internet definitely believes it to be true. And you’d better believe that these folks have a lot to say.

A large portion of the comments focuses on the pictures. A Reddit user by the name of Alpinealone noticed some alarming coincidences about the names, “Had to have my own name on the first jar I see.” 

Could that be a bad omen? Well, nothing is technically impossible. Regardless, this is bone-chilling stuff.

Then, godzilla2y chimed in with, “ARE THOSE JUST FUCKING MAYO JARS OR SOMETHING?”

Excellent question.

Randosurfer77 responded with, “That’s what they looked like to me. Old bulk plastic mayo jars. Gallon size.”

Oh my. Sandwiches will never look the same to us again.

Shiasurprize has what could be the winning take, “This gives big American Horror Story vibes.” Yeah, it definitely does.


While we're eagerly awaiting the return of our favorite TV horror series, we can instead pass the time with our trusty Reddit app for new takes on this totally creepy piece of Florida man news.

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