Just when you thought it was OK to go back outside. If you're wondering if the mosquitos have been unusually busy on your ankles lately, you're not the only one. This national mosquito list has Miami rising to the top, and it's just the start of an active season.

According to Orkin, Miami jumped four spots in its 2020 mosquito report, which also included several other major Florida cities like Tampa and Orlando, but Miami actually made the top 10.

The pest control company releases these annual listings to show where the different U.S. cities rank when it comes to where Orkin does the most residential and commercial treatments for mosquitoes. 

"With much of the country under a shelter-in-place order, backyards will be busier than ever at the outset of mosquito season as residents seek recreation without leaving home," the reports says. "Increased outdoor time may lead to increased experience with these blood-sucking pests."

Tampa and Orlando also rose in the rankings, coming in at 16 and 20 on the list.

The ranking comes after Miami-Dade County issued a mosquito-borne illness alert. According to Florida Health, Miami-Dade is the only county that has continually been under this alert since the start of 2020.

Florida's rainy season typically coincides with mosquito season, which usually starts in June. Though experts are predicting storm activity to pick up as early as May and bring about a flurry of hurricanes.

However, Floridians won't have to worry about mosquitos transmitting COVID-19 to them. The World Health Organization dispelled rumors that the pesky bloodsuckers  could carry the novel coronavirus early on in the pandemic.

Though they are known to carry other diseases like Zika.

As Florida continues to ease into hurricane season, it might be time to start spraying on that bug repellant.

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