Orlando is home to really unique dining experiences. And no, we don’t just mean the sleuth or pirate dinners. We’re talking restaurants where you dine next to sharks, hidden rum-runner tunnels turned bars, and soon, a restaurant that will you take you 220 miles into space and if you a birds-eye-view of Earth. Well, sort of. Opening in Disney World Orlando in February 2020, Space 220 will give guests the sensation of being miles above the earth with a panoramic space station view from space.

One of the many new additions coming to the Epcot theme park, Space 220 will be an expansion of the Mission: SPACE pavilion and is definitely raising the bar for Orlando dining experiences.

Part restaurant, part simulation attraction, we think it’s safe to say this restaurant won’t be for the faint of heart. To enter the establishment guests first board an elevator that replicates the ride into space.

There will even be “viewports" along the way, showing a real-time perspective as guests travel higher and higher.

From the concept art alone, the view looks very convincing, especially when you’re standing above a porthole looking down on Florida.

Additionally, the perspectives will change with both nighttime and daytime views of the earth from 220-miles above.

It’s not just the views that are impressive, though. The eatery will have internationally inspired fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with over 1000 bottles of the finest craft beer and wine from around the world.

We’re looking at a tentative February 2020 debut for this awesome new restaurant. It was set for sooner, but complications with losing their head executive chef and hiring a new one led to a push-back in the opening date.

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Space 220

Price: $$

When: February 2020

Address: Future World in Epcot, Mission:SPACE Pavilion

Why You Need To Go: Take a trip to space without ever leaving Florida, and enjoy a panoramic view of the stars!

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