Update 9/13/2019 at 10:34a.m. - all of the keys that have been hiding have been found. The last set of 12 will be hid in the next week or two 

For hardcore Halloween lovers, there is nothing quite like the building anticipation throughout October leading up to the infamous holiday; and the perpetual let down of having to start the year-long countdown all over again the next day. At least for Orlando’s Halloween lovers, that will no longer be a problem with the opening of a Halloween-themed bar in downtown.

From Addie and Jeff, the people who brought us Joysticks, the 80’s themed retro bar, partnered with James Morrone to now bring us Cocktails and Screams. They’re aiming to be open by Halloween, but if you’re looking to attend their opening night, you’ll have to earn it.

Throughout Central Florida, there are over 50 keys to be found that will grant you entry, and even extra prizes, at their grand opening event. Daily clues can be found on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, and some keys are hidden in plain sight, while others must be asked for.

Once you find a key, bring it to their sister bar Joysticks, and ask the bartender, “I am the key-master, are you the gatekeeper?” to claim your ticket for opening night. You’ll want to bring your key to the event as well, where it will be used for some undisclosed “special secrets.”

If you’re lucky enough to find a key, make sure you take a picture of it and post it to Instagram and tag Cocktails and Screams. This is how they will keep track of how many keys are left to find. Only one key can be physically claimed by a person, so if you find another, you’ll have to let a friend know.

Besides the spooky good fun leading up to the opening event, the menu itself looks awesome. With iconic names like the Jack and Sally, the Sweeny Todd, and the Bone Daddy, you’ll definitely be making many trips to this ghoulish spot to enjoy them all.

Cocktails and Screams

When: opening by Halloween 2019

Where: 39 West Pine St., Orlando, Florida

Why You Need To Go: Your favorite holiday, Halloween, never has to end again. 


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