There's nothing quite like a hot coffee in the morning, or iced - we do live in Florida after all. The only thing that would make that soul-warming coffee better is the love of a furry friend. Soon you'll be able to cuddle with kitties while sipping on your coffee at a purrfect cat cafe in downtown Orlando

Yes, you heard that right: cats and coffee. The Kitty Beautiful coming to downtown Orlando will bring in the soft cuddles of kitties to a relaxed social atmosphere, with a rotating cast of upwards of 10 - 12 different cats from a local shelter. You'll be able to snuggle a sweetie, or get rambunctious and play with all the paw-some purr-babies.

If snuggling kitties isn't for you, you'll also be able to just chill. The Kitty Beautiful will have a separate space off of the main room for the cats, so those who don't want a cat-cuddle sesh can still come and hang out in a relaxing and fresh atmosphere. 

If you happen to fall in love with one of the kitties (who can resist those adorable toe beans!?), you may be able to bring that cat home with you thanks to Kitty Beautiful's partnership with The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. The Pet Alliance will evaluate all the kitties coming to the cafe to ensure they're suitable for guest interaction and adoption, as well as provide medical care and essentials to the cats at the cafe.

Owners Dave & Heather's Kitty Beautiful Motto is Coffee, Cats, and Community. Not only will their cafe space get you caffeinated and cuddly, but they will also host community events like "Mewvie Nights", D&D with cats, and Cat Yoga so you can bond with others, as well as the felines.

To kick it with the kitties, visitors will be asked to pay a small cover fee for entry - with other options available for kitty visits. You'll be able to purchase "a-la-cat" time for $12 per hour, which also includes 1 free drink.

If you plan to visit often, they will also have monthly membership packages. The $35 monthly membership includes 4 visits a month, half price for additional cat time, plus a free guest pass each month to bring a friend.

The $70 Cake Club monthly membership, named after one of their kitties, includes 8 visits a month, half price for additional cat hours, 2 free guest passes per month, and 1 free monthly pass to a community Mewvie Night or relaxing Cat Yoga session.

Owner Dave says The Kitty Beautiful is shooting for an opening in mid-July 2019, with the official date yet to be determined. He shared with Narcity a little bit about why he and Heather were inspired to bring the cat cafe culture to downtown Orlando.

"There are a lot of people who love cats who we know don't have an opportunity to have them in their lives because of where they live or other personal reasons. We want to be the kind of place that is very friendly and welcoming for all people to come and hang out," he said.

Aside from all the adorable cats, the Kitty Beautiful will have coffee and cold-pressed juices available, as well as pastries and other goodies. Thanks to their partnership with Orlando Organics, the cold-pressed juices will be made fresh using local and organic ingredients.

This cat cafe will also be a creative chill space for bookworms and geeks alike. Borrow a book or read with your cat companion during a visit, or play on with your friends in a friendly board game.

According to their Facebook page, The Kitty Beautiful is also working on obtaining their beer and wine license, so you can wind down with some wine and your favorite feline. 

Cat Cafes are slowly growing in popularity in the U.S, but the concept was birthed in Taiwan - where the first ever cat cafe opened in 1998. Shortly after, Neko Cafes began to open in Japan, where the concept only continued to grow - finally making their way into the U.S. in 2014. We can't wait for this cute cat heaven to come to Orlando!

If you want to touch all those toe beans, The Kitty Beautiful will be located at 360 State Ln., Orlando Florida, 32801. Hours haven't been locked in yet; as of publication, the owners anticipate them to be 8am-8pm on weekdays and 10am-6pm on weekends.

To stay up to date on the opening of Kitty Beautiful, you can follow along with regularly posted in-depth updates on their Facebook page here.

For more information about The Kitty Beautiful, check out their website here.

Photos used for illustrative purposes only.

The Kitty Beautiful

Grand Opening (as of publication): Mid-July 2019

Price: $12/cat hour, membership options vary $35-$70/month; Events will vary in price - approximately $10-$20

Address: 360 State Ln., Orlando Florida, 32801

Hours: TBD - as of publication, an estimate is 8am-8pm on weekdays, 10am-6pm on weekends.

Why you need to go: An adorable atmosphere with the cutest & cuddliest cats, delicious coffee, and organic cold-pressed juices.

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