Advocates who back law enforcement decided to paint a mural of their own in Tampa, and now it's trending on Twitter, but for all the wrong reasons.

Team South Florida, which painted the "Back The Blue" mural in a style similar to Black Lives Matter murals, is being roasted on the social media platform for its interesting drawing scheme.

One tweet by @GRIFTSH0P was quick to point out that the mural didn't tickle their fancy, and others seem to share the sentiment. The post has since been retweeted over 4,000 times and has trended on Twitter.

This Tampa mural has even attracted the attention of comedian Patton Oswalt, who wrote: "Are you kidding? That looks great. I will always Blrbk the Blub."

If you're in the Tampa area, you can see the mural for yourself in front of the Tampa Police Headquarters.

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