This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article includes: details of excessive violence

After a terrorizing string of murders in the Tampa Bay area years ago, a judge's conviction from the 1980s will be carried out today on a prolific Florida Serial Killer; Bobby Joe Long was sentenced to death for his involvement in a string of murders of many young women, and is to be put to death today.

After sitting on death row for 34 years, Bobby Joe Long will be put to death tonight for his involvement in the murder of multiple women over an 8 month period back in the 80s. Long was finally put behind bars after having been convinced by one of his abductees to let her go. The 17-year old girl named Lisa McVey, who eventually became a sheriff's deputy for Hillsborough County, provided information to investigators that led to the arrest of Long in 1984. 

According to 10 news, the FBI pinned Long to the homicides of at least 10 women, with the unfortunate victims on the end of Long's murderous rage ranging in ages as young as 18 to 28. Most of the victims were horrifically strangled or asphyxiated, while one was shot and another had her throat slashed.

Long's victims have been listed by the FBI as Lana Long, Michelle Simms, Elizabeth Loudenback, Chanel Williams, Karen Dinsfriend, Kimberly Hopps, Virginia Johnson, Kim Swann, Vicky Elliot, and Artis Wick.

Long's conviction from the 80s stated that he was to be put to death by electric chair, however, his execution will instead be done by means of an administered lethal injection tonight at 6 pm; death is pronounced once the heart stops beating, which typically occurs within 7 minutes of injection.

Bobby Joe Long’s last meal was a roast beef sandwich, bacon, and a soda - which he had this morning. According to a Twitter post by Jennifer Titus with Channel 10 News, "Long was calm and quiet this morning."

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