Your stargazing activities are about to get stellar this month. Floridians will get a breathtaking view of the sky during the lyrid meteor shower. The Lyrid meteor shower will be seen in certain cities in Florida during Easter weekend. 

If you are wondering what a Lyrid meteor shower is - it is a group of meteors that are little pieces of Comet Thatcher. The comet's debris are seen when the Earth crosses the path of a comet. 

Luckily, Floridians will be able to see the bright streaks in the sky or the shooting stars in the several locations throughout Florida such as Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Satellite beach, Jetty Park, and Melbourne Beach - or any place where light pollution is lowest.

The light spectacle is expected to be seen early in the morning on April 22nd. According to Florida Today, the best way to see the meteor shower is to lay flat on your back with your feet facing northeast. The best times to go stargazing are at night or during pre-dawn hours, especially where there is low pollution and no city lights around. 

Also, do not forget to bring a blanket as it might get cold and breezy during the night. NASA recommends to visit these locations before dawn when it is the peak of viewing time.

There will be another celestial event happening this month where you can enjoy the full "Pink Moon". The Pink Moon will make an appearance on the sky on April 19th at 7:12 a.m. EDT. 

According to Space, a waning gibbous moon (which is almost a full moon) will wash out all except the brightest meteors during this year's Lyrid meteor shower. 

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