If you live in Georgia, there's a high chance that Georgia Power is your electricity provider. Serving 155 of the 159 counties in Georgia, it's basically an empire. Unfortunately for us, there is a Georgia Power rate increase that was just approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission and we are not happy about it. 

Georgia Power serves over 2.4 million Georgians, meaning there are going to be 2.4 million angry customers come January, because it's official, the rates are going up at the start of 2020 (through 2023). Not the best way to bring in the new year, but oh well. 

The agreement, which stems from a partnership between Georgia Power, Kroger Co., MARTA, The City of Atlanta and more, allows Georgia Power to expand profit by a considerable margin.

If you aren't happy about the news, rest assured you're not alone.

"As if our rates aren't high enough, they want to increase costs in January of 2020. What a Grinch move #georgiapower I guess using heat and A/C will only be affordable to the wealthy. Smh," complains this Twitter user.

Allegedly, this increase will end up benefitting us, because it allows the company to continue providing "clean, safe, reliable and affordable service that exceeds customer expectations."

Looks like the PSC agreed to sign off because the plan aligns with their policies of creating high customer satisfaction and reliability. 

According to a CBS46 article, average households can expect to see their bill go up about $5.89 per month (a 4 to 4.5% increase). We hope that puts your mind at ease, but that can add up, especially for Millennials. 

If it means sitting in the dark to save a few bucks, then so be it. Not to be a Debbie downer, but the PSC will meet Thursday, December 19, to assess a plan to increase Atlanta Gas Light rates too.

In happier news, Atlanta is getting all-new affordable homes right on the BeltLine and an all-new 25-acre park that will give Piedmont a run for its money. 

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