Georgia is filled to the brim with opportunities to get outside and bask in nature's glory, and one of these opportunities is about to break records. You've likely heard of the Silver Comet Trail, but the trail is about to undergo a major expansion. Soon, Georgia will be home to the longest paved trail in the entire United States. 

Thanks to a $6 million grant from the Cox Foundation, the Silver Comet Trail will connect into Atlanta. The 61.5-mile trail is already impressive in that it directly connects to the 33-mile long Chief Ladiga Trail. The amazingness will be amplified when Silver Comet connects with the Westside of the Beltline.

The PATH Foundation just recently accepted the generous donation from the Cox Foundation this week. The aim of the PATH Foundation is to create a network of connected trails throughout the state in order to provide means of commuting and promoting recreation. This donation to connect the Beltline to Silver Comet Trail will do just that. 

By 2021, the PATH Foundation aspires to create 300 miles of trails in and around Atlanta. This expansion will bring the trail to 105.2 miles long, which will meet the existing length drastically. 

The Silver Comet Trail is notorious for being a non-motorized trail perfect for distance running or cycling. This expansion will keep with that theme, so visitors are encouraged to run, walk, bike, or even scooter down the picturesque path. 

In an official press release, Executive Director of the PATH Foundation Ed McBrayer says, "Year after year, Cox has supported our efforts to make Atlanta a greener, healthier and more connected city." 

In the midst of the Global Climate Strike that took place last week, this is a win for those seeking to make Georgia greener.

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