The iconic Hard Rock Hotel in NOLA has posed some serious safety issues with an accidental collapse back in October. Now it will collapse, but on purpose. It's sad to see a Canal St. staple go, but it would be pretty cool to watch it get demolished from the inside out. You can watch the New Orleans Hard Rock implosion next month from surrounding rooftops. 

On Oct. 12, The Hardrock Hotel in The French Quarter collapsed while under construction, killing two people and causing one to go missing. The cause of the incident remains a mystery but investigation is still underway.

The building is permanently damaged, so an implosion will take place early next year to demolish the 18-story building for good. The cranes used for construction were partially imploded on Oct. 20 and that in itself drew a crowd of speculators that filled up Canal St. and Bourbon St. 

The implosion is tentatively set to take place on Jan. 13 but that is subject to change. Narcity will follow the story and provide updates when further details are released. Get your binoculars ready because there are surrounding rooftops that will give you a close-up view of the implosion.

Although The Ritz Carlton and The Saint Hotel are super close to the Hard Rock, they are likely going to be closed for safety reasons.

For precaution, you can see the collapse from a bit further out while still getting a good view. Vue and Monkey Board are two super cool rooftop bars nearby, so this really can be turned into one big viewing party.*

Another ritzy hotel good for panoramic views of the implosion is the Sheraton on Canal St. Head up to the rooftop of the 47-floor luxury space for an overhead view. The Unipark Garage on the corner of Roosevelt Way and Common St. offers a view from the rooftop as well. 

Who knows what will take it's place, but all we can say is: Hard Rock, you and your 24k gold burgers, will be missed dearly. 

The Hard Rock Cafe will still remain open, as far as we know. In opposition to tearing something down, the newly-built NOLA airport is another great sight for sore eyes.

There are stories everywhere! If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityUSA on Facebook and Instagram.

 * Editor's Note: This article has been updated.

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