After yellow cabs came Uber and Lyft, but have you ever thought about an air taxi? We thought ride-sharing was disrupting the transportation market, but North Carolina launched the first air taxi in North America yesterday and the craziest part is that it's self-flying. This autonomous air taxi is super tiny and only fits two passengers who can sit back and enjoy the ride. 

On January 7, North Carolina was the first to demonstrate the cutting-edge concept of a self-flying aircraft. It's no surprise that this took place here because the state also marks the location of the first recorded flight, which took place way back in 1903.

Over 100 years later, we'd definitely say we've come a long way. A crowd formed to watch this tiny EH 216 air taxi take flight for the first time in North America at the State Highway Patrol Facility/Aviation Hangar in Raleigh.

Although no one was able to experience a ride in the air taxi, the vehicle can fit two adult passengers. 

Governor Roy Cooper and Transportation Secretary Jim Trogdon were present to witness this big step for the country, so you could say it was kind of a big deal.

It has been demonstrated in other parts of the world, but yesterday marks the first public demo in North America.

Governer Cooper tweeted an announcement to his personal page.

"First in flight -- again! Today, North Carolina hosted @ehang for the first autonomous flying taxi demonstration in North America," it reads.

This exciting new high-tech aviation craft is so tiny, it's cute. It was designed as a taxi service delivering people on pre-programmed routes.

The first flight, hosted by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, came at an ideal time because the 2020 North Carolina Transportation Summit is taking place today (January 8) and tomorrow (January 9) at the Raleigh Convention Center.

Speaking of airplanes in North Carolina, you should check out this massive $600M expansion coming to the Charlotte airport soon. 

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