The world has seen a lot of unprecedented sights this year, but seeing an ice resurfacer on fire was probably not something that anyone expected to witness.

Yet that is exactly what happened at a hockey rink in Rochester, New York this week.

Global News reports that the machine (which is colloquially referred to as a Zamboni, although this model is made by a different company) caught fire on October 14.

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The event was captured on video, and there are so many elements that just make this the perfect representation of the year so far.

The ice resurfacer's routine starts off fairly normal, but things start to go wrong pretty quickly, with some type of bright red fluid leaking from the back.

It then bursts into flames, and yet the stalwart operator never jumps off. Instead, he just leans away from the fire and drives the vehicle back to its bay.

That is pretty much a perfect metaphor for how everyone is getting through 2020.

The fire was eventually put out, and luckily no one was injured during the entire process.

Cover image used for illustrative purposes only.

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