We've all seen interesting things take place on our flights but have you ever been seated next to a mini service horse? On an American Airlines flight to Dallas, Texas last week, passengers were in close proximity to a mini service horse who boarded the flight to do none other than its job. If you weren't aware that mini horses couldn't be emotional support animals too, well, now you are! 

Passenger Ronica Froese sat on her flight to Dallas on Thursday with the comfort of knowing her mini service horse, Fred, was by her side through it all.

This flight wasn't his first, though his first did take place just a few days before. On each flight, he wore a blue unitard with "service horse" on the side of him as well as lots of other gear to assist him in doing his job.

The unitard, according to one of Froese's tweets, is "to be respectful of passengers allergic to horses." And it makes him look rather dashing.

Froese has posted many videos of her well-trained mini service horse on Twitter, where it's easy to see why he makes such a great companion.

It's not every day you fly with a mini service horse on board, but for Fred, it was just another day on the job.

In the tweet above, you can watch a video of Fred airborne and headed to Dallas. The hashtags in the tweet indicate that he's flying first class with his owner which makes it that much better.

He may be mini, but he's still a horse and certainly needs some extra room. 

After confirming the two had flown first class, Froese included in a response to someone on Twitter "We had tons of room for his first time flying."

According to an article by Global News, Fred is completely housebroken and spends most of his time in Michigan when he's not in the air.

While some may not have been fans of the mini service horse sighting, others were thrilled Fred had "earned his wings."

LilHoneyHorse showed their support on Twitter with an adorable collage with Fred, Flirty, and Honey. All mini service horses who've flown!

We can only hope to run into Fred on a future flight.

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