Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo made an announcement this afternoon that will benefit folks all across Houston. Hidalgo took part in voting at the Commissioners Court on a relief fund for Houston that will be divvied up starting next week. Grants of $1,200 to $1,500 will be distributed to low-income families after Harris County doubled its COVID-19 relief fund to $30 million today.

Hidalgo took to Twitter this afternoon to announce that low-income families will be receiving even more help thanks to Harris County's COVID-19 relief fund.

According to Hidalgo, more information will be coming soon on how to acquire money from the allotted $30 million.

For now, locals know that they will be able to start seeing relief money as early as next week.

This news comes after the Texas Supreme Court lifted the eviction moratorium, which makes it impossible to stop renters from being evicted from their homes if they can't make rent on time.

Now more than ever some Houstonians are in need of financial aid, and thanks to the decision made today, that's exactly what they're getting.

Hidalgo announced the news in a tweet this afternoon, "Done. We just finalized $30 Million for #COVID relief. Grants of $1,200 to $1,500 for the lowest income families to spend on what they need most."

"Funds will begin being distributed as soon as next week. More info coming soon," she wrote.

Prior to the announcement, the judge hinted that a "major investment in assistance funding" would be voted on today.

Hidalgo tweeted, "Stay Tuned: Tomorrow, we’ll be voting at Commissioners Court on finalizing a major investment in assistance funding for our hardest-hit residents. Texas should protect ALL renters from eviction."

The Harris County Judge followed up with her tweet from yesterday by saying that "The Texas Supreme Court has lifted the eviction moratorium, but mass displacement can’t be tolerated." 

"While I can no longer legally stop folks from evicting tenants, we’re doing everything we can in Harris County to keep people from being thrown out in the street," said Hidalgo.

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