If you're in Emerald City and you've been feeling gloomy of late, you can apparently blame it all on the weather. The city's reputation for wet climes precedes it. But so far in 2020, Seattle weather has been so rainy, it could break records. 

According to a Seattle Times report, the city could have a record-tying 28 rainy days in January. And the last time it was this soggy was way back in 1953! 

The area usually gets about 15 rainy days on average in the first month of the year, but the outpour-days have only doubled.

If like us, you're wondering just why Mother Nature has been sending angry, grey clouds our way, we've got the explanation.

It's because of an atmospheric river where moisture, the amount of water in the whole of Mississipi River, is being funneled into the Pacific Northwest. 

While the phenomenon — "Pineapple Express" sounds fun, it's anything but. 

It's officially been over 90 days since have had a sunny day. 

Every day this month, there has been an 80% cloud cover, making it overcast with no chance to bask in the sunlight. 

It's not just Emerald City, this continues to be the pattern for much of the Evergreen State. 

For instance, it was also the wettest month in Washington's Twilight town of Forks. 

It looks like you'll have to keep those umbrellas close by for the time being. Perhaps, you can have a Twilight marathon to help these rainy days go by. After all, as the Seattle Weather Blog says, "Somewhere, the vampires are smiling." 

There's literally a silver lining though.

This weather is only expected to last until the end of this month, making our hearts glad that it's almost here. 

"Clearing conditions" are expected to start on February 1. There are still going to be showers, but you can expect patches of blue sky, and perhaps some sunshine too? 

Editor's Note: Cover photos used for representative purposes only.

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