If you live in Vancouver, we have good news for you. Say goodbye to your freaking expensive data plan because Vancouver is coming to you with free public WiFi across the entire city.

The city of Vancouver's Digital Strategy team has partnered with Shaw Communications to open up 550 free public WiFi locations that will be available starting today. Within the next few months, they will activate over 600 locations so you can scroll and stream at your heart's desire.

With this new launch, #VanWiFi will become one of the largest free public network providers, not just in Canada, but in North America.

Here is where you'll find all the free WiFi locations:

The bandwidth speed of #VanWiFi will run at about 10Mbps with unlimited data usage. It also won't ask you to enter any emails, phone numbers, or anything of that sort to get connected.

It's also incredibly easy to use. All you have to do to connect to the public WiFi is select #VanWiFi/COV-Public/VPL on your WiFi settings, open up your web browser to be redirected to their terms and conditions page, accept, and you're in!

So if you're over paying copious amounts on your data plan, or simply sick of your no-data mobile plan, time to link up.

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