Flying across Canada for a vacation is expensive. Depending on where you’re flying to and from it can cost you hundreds of dollars on any of the mainstream airlines.

Which is especially annoying when you also have to worry about paying for somewhere to sleep as well as food and transportation

But WestJet is hoping to change that with the launch of its new budget airline Swoop tomorrow. 

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This is WestJet’s first step into the budget airline industry, which has taken off in recent years as people look for lower cost options for their travel.  

The airline's maiden flight will be made tomorrow from Hamilton to Abbotsford B.C.

The main aim for Swoop is to offer fares that are about 40% lower than that of WestJet. 

For example currently on Swoop's website you can book a trip from Hamilton to Halifax for just $99, as well as tons of other great deals. 

Via Swoop airlines

The airline will be doing this by providing customers with the bare essentials for air travel.

Essentially your ticket entitles you to a seat on the plane and you can bring one bag small enough to fit under the seat for free.

Any real luggage though will end up costing you. Carry-on luggage and checked bags cost between $26.25 and $132.25 depending on the size of the bag. 

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Like we said this is bare essentials flying but you’re saving so much on ticket prices that as long as you don’t bring a whole ton of extra luggage that the savings are worth it.

So if you prefer to travel light and are looking for a cheaper airline than those you usually use this is something certainly worth checking out.  

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