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Who Is Brooke Henderson, The 20-Year-Old Canadian Golfer That Just Made History

The 20-year-old just placed first at the CP Women's Open.

Everyone across the world is wondering who Brooke Henderson is. Our social media feeds are flooded with her name. So, who is she?

Brooke Henderson represented Canada at the CP Women's Open on Sunday, August 26th. After years of losses, Henderson was able to win the tournament, securing first place and changing Canadian history. 

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Henderson is the first Canadian woman in 45 years to win the national golf title. This shocking win makes Brooke the first woman to win the title in recent history. She's already gained a ton of recognition for her impressive win at the CP Women's Open this year.

Canadians are also thanking Brooke for bringing Canada out of its golfing rut, considering a Canadian hasn't won the golf title in decades. 

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Brooke is 20-years-old and was born in Smith Falls, Ontario. She's reportedly earned $337,500 from her most recent win out of a $2,250,000 purse.

This is her seventh win in the LPGA.

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She now has her own bobblehead. 

She's also the youngest Canadian woman to ever win the first prize and title in the CP Women's Open. 

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Brooke gets to travel all over the world for her golfing career. Here's a photo of her golfing on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, last year.

She's definitely got a funny bone too. She posted this picture at Golf Channel Studios with Arnold Palmer's cart and bag. She joked about how you shouldn't go under the security railing because security alarms will definitely go off if you do.

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And of course, she wouldn't be Canadian if she didn't dabble in some stick and puck. Here's a photo of Brooke on the ice waaay back in the day shooting a promotional video with the Ottawa Senators. 

Source: CBC Sports

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