During the past week, there have been many articles published online about Lindsay Armstrong while women across North America have been posting photos of their underwear online - but how are these two stories linked? 

We scroll past these stories, not fully understanding what this new movement is about or who this girl is regardless of how many times her name is in a headline. I'm here to tell you who Lindsay Armstrong is, and why women seem to be sharing photos of their undergarments on Instagram and Twitter.

A recent case in Cork, Ireland has sparked controversy after a senior defense counsel used an alleged rape victim's underwear to argue in court that she had consented to sex, reportedly based on the fact that her underwear was a thong.

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Now, the mother of Scottish teenager, who was a rape victim, is speaking up on the matter. The mother of Lindsay Armstrong talked about how her daughter's underwear was a focal point of her own rape trial back in 2002. Shortly after the trial ended, the 17-year-old took her own life and died by suicide.

Now, her daughter's story has become a pillar in a new movement gaining traction around the world. 

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16 years ago, Lindsay Armstrong, appeared in court after she was sexually assaulted in a park near her home in September 2001. During her trial, Armstrong was asked to repeatedly hold up her thong in court and was even asked to read the phrase printed on the front, which said "Little Devil". Her mother talks about how humiliating it was for her and that counsel tried to argue that she had consented to sex and the evidence was based around her underwear.

Even though the 15-year-old boy was found guilty of raping her, Lindsay took her own life two weeks after the trial ended. 

Now, her mother is speaking up on the most recent case in Cork, Ireland, explaining that she's appalled that "this kind of thing is still being used as evidence." She said that she learned about this case when a friend sent the story to her and it brought all the bad memories of her daughter's case back.

Here's a video of Mrs. Armstrong speaking to Irish Parliament over the recent case in Cork, Ireland. 

Now, protests about the case that started in Cork have quickly spread across the world. Women are sharing photos of their own underwear in solidarity with Armstrong and the latest alleged rape victim in Ireland. 

Source: Telegraph UK, Independent

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