If you've been perusing social media over the past week or so, then you've definitely heard of "Canadian Susan". Scrolling on my social media feeds, I've seen the term come up all the time, often along with the word "Bridezilla".

So who's this girl that everyone's talking about and why is she so important? Well, we've got all the details for you! 

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A Canadian woman named Susan has become a viral sensation after her Facebook post was shared on MumsNet. The "Bridezilla" posted on Facebook announcing that she sadly had to cancel her "Kardashian-inspired" wedding only 4 days before the event was meant to happen.

In the post, she claims that the reason why the couple had to cancel their wedding and end their relationship is that they decided to break up over "recent and irreparable problems". But that's not all.

But that's not all, Susan's now become famous as the woman who planned a super extravagant and luxurious $60,000 wedding. Seriously, this wedding sounds insane. When she realized they only had $15,000 saved up and that her "fairy-tale wedding" wasn't fiscally possible, she asked her family, friends, and guests to help pitch in by asking for "cash gifts". She literally stated that she "only asked each guest for around $1,500". 

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Here's the most shocking part of the Facebook post where she talks about asking for money from her friends and family.

"My maid of honour pledged $5,000 along with her planning services. We tearfully thanked and accepted. My ex's family offered to contribute $3,000. So our request for $1,500 for all other guests was not f**king out of the ordinary. Like, we made it clear. If you couldn't contribute, you weren't invited to our exclusive wedding. It's once and a life time party [sic]. After sending out the invitations, only eight guests RSVP'd with their check of $1,500. We're f**king livid"

She also talks about how her friends and family were the reason why her relationship ultimately failed. She added that her husband suggested they ditch the expensive wedding idea and get married in Las Vegas instead. Her response was completely savage.

"I laughed in his face, but he was dead serious. He wanted those cheap, filthy, w**** like Vegas weddings. I mean WHAT the f***?? Was he out of his mind?' she wrote.

'Am I some h**ch piece of f***ing trash, a hooker? Am I supposed to like the idea of getting married in the heart of shady gamblers, alcoholics, and the get rich fast fallacy? Suddenly, my body began to shake as I entered a panic attack."

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Now, the post has been shared like crazy on Facebook, Mumsnet, Reddit and basically, everywhere across the internet. It's completely insane. It even got the attention of Chrissy Teigen, who retweeted the original post on her own Twitter. That's when you know that something's gone viral.

You can read the entire Facebook post here

Sources: Daily Mail, MumsNet

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