The Weather Channel reports of significant snowfall in Ontario and Quebec this weekend as a result of a two-part weather system called Winter Storm Hunter

Arriving just after the passing of Winter Storm Grayson which ravaged eastern Canada and the Maritimes, the first phase of Hunter will occur at the Great Lakes on Thursday before reaching Ontario and Quebec by early Friday. 

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Moderate to heavy snowfall as well as sleet and freezing rain is expected during this time, with the region of Lake Superior near James Bay receiving the most amounts (up to 30 cm). 

Strong gusts will also cause blowing snow that will create possible white out conditions. By Saturday, another weather system coming from the southern U.S. will bring more rain to southern Ontario, which will eventually change to snow. 

Earlier models showed as much as 20 cm of snow expected for Toronto, but that estimation has recently been reduced to 4 cm by updated models.

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Surrounding areas including Kingston, Belleville and Prince Edward County is expected to receive as much as 12 cm of snow, while Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec could get anywhere from 20 to 50 cm. Residents of these areas will see freezing rain change into snow between Friday night and Saturday.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

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