While Harvey Weinstein has been the subject of 2017 as well as this month especially considering the #TimesUp protest at the Golden Globes, one Hollywood director has had his past swept under the rug for quite some time. Woody Allen's alleged crimes of sexually assaulting underage girls including his own adopted daughter have been widely speculated in Hollywood for years. Regardless he has been able to continue working in the industry and avoid any actual career damaging criticism up until these past few weeks.

With Weinstein now wrapped up in court and 80+ allegations from women he's encountered, the world's attention is shifting to Woody Allen who time and time again has been able to slip through the cracks. His own son spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about his father as well as Weinstein, and the climate for abusers in the industry.

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Ronan spoke of how his father's past and family background helped him understand "the abuse of power from an early age." His sister's accusation that Woody Allen had molested her in 1992, claims that he stands behind, have motivated him to help push against sexual misconduct in Hollywood.

The son of the well known Hollywood director even covered the Weinstein story when it first broke in efforts to put his words into action. Though his mother doesn't like the "son of Hollywood taking down the system" narrative, claiming that the "Weinstein story wasn't personal for him. He was a reporter on a huge assignment."

When asked if he thinks that Hollywood will ever turn their back on his father, Ronan replied "it's not for me to say what Hollywood will or won't do. I will say that in every industry there are still powerful men facing credible allegations of wrongdoing who continue to evade accountability. As empowering a moment as this moment is, there's still a long way to go."

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While Ronan says he doesn't see himself as an activist, his explanation for his efforts throughout the Weinstein scandal as well as his own personal opinions on his father are admirable: "my mandate going into the Weinstein story was never to believe all survivors; it was to listen to all survivors. I think it's completely possible to be both a skeptical, judicious reporter and also create a space for survivors to be heard. If that reporting inspires people to activism, then it's a job done well."

As Allen's son, the budding reporter has already taken a very public stand in how he feels about his own father, who he admits he does not talk to often. With Hollywood slowly turning their attention to Allen and his prior alleged offenses, it will be interesting to see if the fall out is anywhere near what it was for Weinstein. Especially considering how many actors are continuing to support him and star in his movies.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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