It's only been a short two days since the initial recall of a brand's frozen strawberries in both Ontario and Quebec but it seems there is yet another recall for a different brand and product. Unfortunately, the recall is for the same problem, being the risk of Hepatitis A infection that clearly is impacting numerous products that contain strawberries in them. 

This time it is the Adonis Juice brand's strawberry and banana smoothies and cocktails. The MAPAQ has warned the public to stay away from the drinks considering they believe that the products were made with the same strawberries that have been contaminated with Hepatitis A. 

For those who have the products at home, you have two options being to either go back to where you bought them and return them, or you can just throw them out. Either way, you are definitely not going to want to keep them around considering the symptoms of Hepatitis A are pretty gruesome. Ranging from a fever and loss of appetite to nausea, vomiting, jaundice, yellowing of the skin and abdominal discomfort. 

If you have consumed one of the drinks sold before April 13th, you may want to visit a doctor considering it can take between two to seven weeks for the symptoms to show. Though Hepatitis A typically will clear up on it's own within a week to two weeks, it can stick around for up to six months for some.

Source: Huffington Post Quebec 

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