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You Can Do Yoga With Puppies In These Canadian Cities And It's Totally Adorable

Puppy Yoga is the new thing to do!

Okay, picture this: It's Saturday morning, you wake up, walk on down to your local yoga studio and get ready for a blissful morning of stretching, deep breathing and total relaxation.

The only thing that could possibly make this even better, would be to add in some adorable baby puppies, right? Cute adorable lazy puppies with floppy ears that just want to stretch right beside you!

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Well, PuppyYoga is officially back this fall and they're offering classes across Canada. They're inviting Canadians to sign up for classes and get their stretch on with some adorable puppies.

Right now, they're offering classes across Canada. They're currently teaching classes in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver. The next classes that you can purchase tickets for are in September 2018. 

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This is seriously adorable and the perfect way to spend your morning. Call up your girlfriends, grab brunch and then do some Puppy Yoga, doesn't that sound great?

Tickets are $30-$35 per person. The only things you need to bring to class is your ID, yoga mat and a water bottle if you need it. You'll also need to sign a waiver before jumping into the class. Kids are welcome, but they will need a parent to sign the waiver for them. 

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Space is limited and classes are selling out fast. If you're interested, you can find more details on purchasing tickets on their website

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