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Canadians Can Now Be Sued For Texting Someone They Know Is Driving

Bad idea.

We all know that texting or talking on the phone without a Bluetooth headset while driving is a REALLY bad idea, that could end with you or someone else being seriously injured, or worse dead. 

But what about if you call or text someone when you know their driving? 

You can’t be held responsible if they decided to answer and try to respond to you, can you? 

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Actually, you could be it turns out. 

According to lawyer and vice-president of claim at Travelers Canada, Jordan Solway, texters and callers could be held liable for getting in touch with someone they know is driving which causes that person to have an accident. 

“If you contribute in the same way as if you’re in the vehicle, and you interfere with their driving of the vehicle, you could be held responsible for that injured third party,” he says.  

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There was actually a case of this in New Jersey where an 18-year-old man got in an accident after his girlfriend texted him just 25 seconds before the crash.  

The court there ruled that those who text someone they know is driving can be held responsible to the law. 

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There haven’t been any cases like this in Canada yet but this sets a legal precedent that is sure to be followed here at some point, says Solway. 

So even if you yourself aren’t behind the wheel, you may way to think twice about texting or calling someone you know who is. 

Source: Global News

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