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You'll Actually Be Able To See The International Space Station From Ontario Today

Canadian David Saint-Jacques is onboard the station that will be visible tonight.

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques blasted off to the International Space Station just last week and if you look up in the sky tonight you'll be able to see him. Well, kind of. 

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According to NASA, the International Space Station will be visible from Ontario for about 5-6 minutes, at 5:41 PM EST and then very briefly again at 7:19 PM EST today, based on their station spotting chart. 

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Space Station sightings aren't exactly rare, but today's sighting is extra special for a couple reasons. First off, it's pretty amazing since one of our fellow Canadians is actually up there right now. David Saint-Jacques, who's from Quebec, will be there for the next six months.

It's also special though because normally International Space Station sightings are only about 2-3 minutes long. Tonight's estimated 6 minutes of visibility is double that. That makes tonight one the best nights for Space Station spotting. 

In order to catch a glimpse of the Space Station, you'll have to go outside at 5:41 PM, which is shortly after sunset. This is when NASA says the Space Station is most visible because of how the sun's light reflecting off the station contrasts with the dark sky we see from Earth. 

It is so bright in fact that you don't even need binoculars to view it and it will shine through even light-polluted cities. Around 5:41 it is due to appear in the northwest and then will travel eastward across the sky as a solid, white bright light. 

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Tonight may be the best night for Space Station spotting but it's not the only option. They fly through our sky every night, although these viewings are typically much shorter than tonight. You can actually sign up for alerts from NASA in your area to be notified of future sightings. 

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