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Zara Canada Just Unveiled Their New Logo And People Have The Most Hilarious Reactions

Zara Canada's new logo hilariously ripped apart by people on social media.

The internet sure can be hilarious and this was all proven again today. Zara Canada recently unveiled their new logo and people have the most hilarious reactions to it. Fans of the brand are not holding back their thoughts on social media and they are both brutally savage and hilarious. 

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Earlier this week, Zara Canada revealed their brand new logo to the world and people were not expecting it. This is only the second time the international clothing company has changed their logo in 45 years, according to Hypebeast

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The new logo was made by advertising agency Baron & Baron, according to Hypebeast. Unlike before, there is now no spacing in between the letters of the logo. There are also now accentuated curves to the letters "Z" and "R."

Here's what the old logo looked like:

@thedonhenryembedded via  

Check out what their new logo looks like below. 

Via zara

Ever since it was unveiled, the new logo has pretty been unanimously hated by the internet. Many people are not fans of Zara's brand new logo and have many savage thoughts about it. Tons of people have taken to social media to bless us with their hilarious reactions to the new logo. 

Check out some of the funniest reactions on the Internet below to their new logo. Even if Zara's new logo isn't winning over people's hearts, these hilarious comments will.

Some even took the opportunity to trash not just Zara's logo, but the stores and clothes themselves. 

Others were even getting anxiety from the new logo. 

Zara Canada's new logo is now visible on their website and on all social media pages. Zara storefronts in Canada have yet to put up the new logo, but after all the backlash, we're curious to see if they will stick to this new branding. 

To check out the new logo for yourself, visit Zara Canada's website

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