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Neys Provincial Park Is Full Of Ancient Volcanic Rocks For You To Explore

You’re going to totally lava this place. If you’re someone who’s always looking for their next epic adventure, then you need to add Ontario’s Neys Provincial Park to your travel bucket list ASAP. With ancient volcanic rocks, soft sandy beaches, and breathtaking lookout points, this park is sure to blow your top off.  

Located in Terrace Bay, Ont. this gorgeous destination is roughly 12 hours from the 6ix, meaning you might want to pack an overnight bag.

Luckily, when the park is open, there are plenty of campsites and cabins for you to rent here with your besties. 

Neys is also home to numerous hiking trails including the 2.5 km Under the Volcano Trail. 

Here you can walk across ancient volcanic and glacial rocks. But be careful, as these smooth rocks, which are technically just cooled magma, can be extremely slippery when wet.

Once you’ve had your fill of old volcanos, you can head over to the Pic Island Overlook Trail.

This hike will lead you to breathtaking views, the likes of which have inspired paintings by Canada’s famous Group of Seven.

Honestly, it’s so pretty here you’ll probably feel like you’re looking at a real-life painting.

According to a post on the Ontario Parks Instagram, these volcanic rocks are a result of a Midcontinent Rift.

“A little more than one billion years ago, these Archean rocks began to break apart during a geological event called the Midcontinent Rift,” the post reads.

“Magma started to push up through the cracks and accumulated in a large magma chamber, feeding an active volcano that eroded long ago. 

"A few million years later, the magma that remained under the volcano cooled, and is now the coarse-grained igneous rocks that dominate the landscape of the park.”

So there's not just beauty here, but history, too.

If you’re erupting with joy at the thought of this place, be sure to keep an eye on the park's website to see when they’re open.

Neys Provincial Park

Price: Starting at $10.84

Address: 1004 Hwy 17, Terrace Bay, ON

Why You Need To Go: It's not every day you get to walk on magma. Plus, the sunset views can't be beaten. 

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