While it may not be warm enough to fully enjoy the outdoors, you can still take part in some fun activities from the comfort of your couch. The best part is, you don't even need to put pants on. Niagara Falls virtual tours let you ride ziplines and fly in helicopters without leaving your house.

People across the province are getting creative when it comes to staying entertained at home.

Someone in Toronto projected a Mario Kart game onto an apartment building, and businesses are creating unique live streams to reach us in our houses.

Niagara Falls has several exciting attractions available as virtual tours online, so you can still enjoy the sights while staying indoors.

The 360-degree videos will transport you behind the falls, onto cruise ships, and more.

You can even take a ride on the zipline, which takes you right over the water.

The helicopter tour lets you take in the views from above without spending all your money on a ticket.

You can also have some festive fun by taking a trip through the Winter Festival Of Lights.

Adventure behind the falls and into the mist without getting wet thanks to these online tours.

The videos are free, so you can enjoy the experiences as many times as you want. 

Ontario has some other online attractions you can take advantage of while at home.

Canada's Wonderland has virtual rollercoasters that will whisk you away on crazy rides without the lines.

Ripley's Aquarium has a live shark cam, and you can watch videos of aquatic animal feedings and more on their website.

Get ready for some virtual adventures around the falls with these tours. You won't need to worry if your harness is tight enough!

Niagara Virtual Tours

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: Zipline across the falls and soar through the air in a helicopter from the comfort of your home.