First they tease us with the activation of their Jonas Brothers account, and now this?! Is 2018 worse than 2017?

For all of you that have forgotten about our favourite boy band from our teen years, the Jonas Brothers devastatingly broke up in 2013 and broke all of our hearts at the same time. The brothers, who consist of Nick, Joe and Kevin, have since then gone on to do their own thing. Kevin started a family with his wife Danielle, Joe formed the hit band DNCE and Nick went on to have a great solo career. They're all doing great things in their own lives, but we WANT THE JONAS BROTHERS BACK!

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Kevin Jonas posted this picture one day ago, and fans have been going crazy. Since the reactivation of their Jonas Brothers account which hasn't been active since July of 2013, fans have been speculating that this means a reunion tour or reunion album is in the works. There was no caption on this photo, which sparked the rumours even more that the brothers were 'talking business'. 

In an interview with W MagazineNick Jonas was asked about the rumours surrounding the band reuniting. "There is a lot of talk about that. I mean, it is not happening right now. Never say never. I think that there is some great things happening in all of our lives individually still and we are all focusing on that at the moment" So, he's basically telling us we may have to wait until the year 3000 for another Jonas Brothers album. 

Listen, Nick, Joe and Kevin. It's not a want, it's a need. So we're all happy that you're getting engaged, growing your family and extending your careers to acting but we all know where your heart lies. But we will wait a little bit longer for you, always.