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Nick Young D'Angelo Rusell Beef Resurfaces With Young's Recent Comment

Former Laker Nick Young had a pretty great Christmas as he and his girl Keonna Green decided to tie the knot. Young posted some pics on Instagram of their pretty adorable Christmas morning with their family. Just a few days ago, a  reporter was able to flag down Nick Young and asked him a pretty interesting question. "Does D'Angelo Russell get an invite to the wedding?!" Young's response makes us think this Nick Young D'Angelo Rusell beef isn't over quite yet.

As Nick was walking to his vehicle the other day, he laughed out loud when asked if D'Russ would be invited to the big day.

That sounds like a pretty big 'no' to us.

If you're not familiar with D'Angelo and Young's fight, here's a recap.

Back in 2016 when the two were on the Los Angeles Lakers, Russell tried to prank Nick Young by video recording him. In the video, Nick was talking about how he was cheating on his former fiancé (Australian rapper Iggy Azalea). 

While it was intended as a joke, the video got out leaked. 

As you would expect, this started a pretty big feud between D'Angelo, Nick, and even some of the other Lakers teammates. 

Lakers players even made Russell sit alone during breakfast one morning.

No one really knows how the video got out, But all in all, it wasn't a good look for Nick and Russell, and it was completely heartbreaking for Iggy.

Shortly after the video scandal, D'Angelo was traded away.

Those times are now far in the past as Nick currently seems pretty darn happy with his new fiancé and their three children.

What a cute little happy family.

Check out the video of Nick's response to the reporter:

While Nick may have a happy home life, he still doesn't have a job in the NBA. 

For D'Angelo, he's a star on the Golden State Warriors, but his team isn't doing so hot this season.

Take a trip down memory lane and check out Nick and Iggy back in the day:

So do you think D'Angelo will get an invite to the wedding?

Let's just say that it's not looking very promising for Nick's former BFF.