Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley may be known for their broodiness, good looks, and ability to hysterically cry on cue thanks to all the years they spent on The Vampire Diaries. But this video Dobrev just posted on her Instagram is proving that they're also amazing at comedy. The two actors were being pitted against each other after one of Dobrev's interview answers hinted at a previous feud between the two, but they put those rumours to rest today. Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley's feud is no more. 

Nina Dobrev posted a video of the two of them in Ibiza at what looks like a pool party. Wesley walks up to Dobrev and they discuss the recent rumors. They tell each other there are no hard feelings and even say they love each other, but just when everything seemed to be going well, Wesley jokingly launched Dobrev into the pool next to them. 

She also posted a selfie of the two of them to make sure people knew it was a joke. She captioned the Instagram carousel, "I "despise" you ♥️😂😘." 

The rumours that claimed the two didn't like each other came earlier this year when Dobrev admitted that they "didn’t get along at the beginning of the show (The Vampire Diaries)." 

Now Nina is saying those rumours were "blown way out of proportion" and made that Instagram video to prove it. 

Nina credits their dislike of one another, in the beginning, because of spending too much time with one another, just like how we get annoyed with our family members:

"It was one of those things that we just — it’s not that we didn’t like each other. We just didn’t appreciate each other as much as we do now — and that, of course, got blown [out] of proportion. They took one sentence out of context and deleted all of the other ones where I’m like, ‘I love him. We’re best friends now."

It's obvious how much these two care for one another, they're possibly the two The Vampire Diaries alumni that spend the most time together now. 

Paul Wesley also reposted the fun video on his Instagram, but not without difficulty. He showed on his Instagram story that he actually had to google how to repost on Instagram, captioning his story, "Old man Wesley" even tagging Dobrev. 

This is surely a friendship that'll last a lifetime. 

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