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Nivea’s New Campaign To Promote Self-Confidence Is Going Viral

Because when you feel good, the world is yours.
Nivea’s New Campaign To Promote Self-Confidence Is Going Viral
Unit Production Manager

We all strive to feel good in our own skin. Who doesn't want to live each day knowing that they're feeling and looking their best? Thing is, it can be a real struggle. It's important to remember that what truly makes you beautiful is believing in yourself. Owning your individuality doesn't just make you interesting and set you apart - it makes you special.

As a serious advocate for inner and outer beauty, NIVEA has released a video that's going viral, as part of its #NIVEANoLimits campaign to promote strength and determination. It features NIVEA Brand Ambassador, Canadian Olympic gold medallist, and overall badass Tessa Virtue delivering an exquisite ice-dance performance that inspires fearlessness.  

Empowered by her self-worth and propelled by her confidence, Tessa dances boldly with conviction. Through her uninhibited movement, Tessa tells the story of how she is breaking boundaries and living a life with no limits. The three-time World Champion floats on the ice wearing nothing but a pair of skates, a few feathers across her chest, and a layer of blue glitter and makeup on her stunning body. Tessa exudes pride and shows off how explosively fulfilling and freeing it is to believe in yourself and push your own limits.

From the first moment she gracefully takes centre ice like a glorious, elegant peacock, you just KNOW that Tessa is undeniably feeling herself - not just physically, but in every way possible. Through Sam Chouinard’s tactful choreography, her artistic talents, and self-assurance, the poised Olympian tells a meaningful story. She knows she's about to slay her performance, and anything she sets her mind to, because she believes in herself, in her ability to conquer the world. The video is artistic, compelling, and makes you want to be YOUR best self, too. No wonder the #NIVEANoLimits campaign is garnering so much attention. 

It's true, there are no limits to what you can do, whether that be achieving goals, killing a performance, or playing with makeup to harness the power of putting your best foot forward. Cosmetics aren't just insanely fun; they can also be a form of expressing who you really are, or even who you hope to be. There are no boundaries as to which looks you can create with makeup and remove with NIVEA MicellAIR EXPERT; likewise, aim to challenge yourself in all areas of life and realize that, if you invest the time and effort, and believe in yourself, you can challenge any status quo.

The whole message behind the #NIVEANoLimits campaign is about breaking free, being fearless, and feeling good in your own skin. Don't fight the unique quirks that make you, well, YOU. Instead, embrace them to the fullest, feel amazing in your own skin, and shine just a little bit brighter every day. Girl (or boy!), you can be your OWN peacock goddess on the daily! Spread your glorious wings, break free of any chains, and dance to your own beat. 

Whether you enjoy a dab of concealer and a coat of mascara, or you live for thick winged liner and a bold red lip, NIVEA's MicellAIR EXPERT lets you be unapologetically you and push the limits of your makeup masterpieces without having to worry about the hassle of removing it all! Suitable for all skin types, MicellAIR EXPERT is a super effective, easy way to remove even the heaviest makeup. Formulated with black tea extract and special MicellAIR complex, it leaves behind absolutely 0% greasy residue. That's right, nothing but baby-soft, hydrated skin in one quick, rinse-free step!

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Makeup can be a personal art form, but it's equally important to properly clean your slate at the end of the day to feel and look your best in your bare-faced glory; and, for that, you need an effective, no-fuss skincare partner like MicellAIR EXPERT. With this one-step miracle, there's no excuse to wake up lipstick-smeared and smudgey-eyed.

Dazzle on the daily, like Tessa does when she's winning medals, dancing on the ice like a proud, majestic peacock, or experimenting with creative makeup looks. Be the most authentic, empowered version of yourself at every chance, because that's where true self-confidence and charisma lie. Use your determination to bring out your strong, fearless inner queen and trample over any limits. 

Live life the way YOU want to, set your own standards, and wear makeup that makes you feel amazing. So slap on that BB cream, chisel those cheekbones, and layer-up your highlight to the gawds, honey, 'cause MicellAIR EXPERT's got your back!

Learn more about the inspiring #NIVEANoLimits campaign and MicellAIR EXPERT here. You can also follow NIVEA's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

Brittany Alexandra Silveira
Unit Production Manager