No Name Brand Dropped Some Merch On Thursday & It Sold Out Almost Instantly

Extremely on-brand.
No Name Brand Merch Dropped Online And It's Exactly What You'd Expect

If you start seeing a lot of yellow shirts out and about, don't be surprised. A popular Canadian company released some new and particularly on-brand clothing and it seems the opportunity was taken by eager customers. In fact, the No Name brand merch, available for a limited time, sold out its first wave within hours.

The yellow brand has become popular with consumers for its humorous and direct approach to advertising.

And it dropped the merch news on Thursday, November 28 in typical fashion.

The No Name Twitter account sent out a pretty blunt but simple tweet, as they normally do. In fact, it was simply an image of a branded yellow background with the words "tweet about merch."

According to a press release made available to Narcity, the brand dropped a pretty supply of clothing at the No Frills Hauler Shop online.

The two items on offer are a short-sleeved T-shirt and a long-sleeved top. As you'd expect, the shirts are extremely on brand.

The former has the No Name logo and "t-shirt" written on the front, while the latter comes adorned with the description "shirt with long sleeves."

I mean, they're not wrong. Simple, but accurate, as always.

And it seems these were actually hugely popular. By late Thursday morning, both items were already out of stock.

No wonder, perhaps, as customers seemed pretty excited to profess their love for their favourite brand.

In fact, the move by the brand was so popular that on the following day, consumers were peppering the No Name account with suggestions for other merchandise.*

If you're totally sold on this feature, you'll only be able to purchase the shirts online — once they restock, that is.

No Name's profile has risen in recent times as a result of some savvy marketing and a relatable social media brand.

Their most recent advertisement strategy saw Toronto coloured yellow.

That was after No Name beer hit stores earlier in 2019. Though some people were not impressed with the beer's quality, the clothing seems far more popular.

The shirts come in yellow, unisex sizing and with either short or long sleeves. Pricing is $20 for short sleeves and $25 for long ones. 

You can find the website selling the shirts here.

*This article has been updated.

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