No Name Fans Are Throwing Out Ideas For More Brand Merch After Clothing Sell-Out

A No Name Tesla might be a bit much, though.
No Name Brand Merch Suggestions Are Pretty Wild After Clothing Success

After a remarkably fast sell-out of newly-released clothing, one of Canada's most popular brands is being hounded to announce more merchandise. In fact, No Name brand merch suggestions are pouring in. And they range from the realistic to the, well, not-so-realistic.

No Name, which is popular for both its budget prices and its social media presence, released a line of T-shirts and long-sleeved tops on Thursday, November 28.

And it seems the company wasn't quite prepared for the level of demand for the products, which were available to buy through the No Frills Hauler shop online.

The tops, informatively labelled "T-shirt" and "shirt with long sleeves", sold out within hours of going on sale.

The clothing's droll slogans were extremely on-brand for the brand, which has captured imaginations with its social media presence and advertising campaigns.

And the extremely limited supply of merch has got customers desperate to see more.

After No Name tweeted on Friday to ask "should I restock?" the replies were filled with emphatic positive responses.

But the calls weren't only for more tees and other clothing — oh, no.

In fact, it seems people want to see products in a variety of areas, not just the wardrobe.

The brand was inundated with requests for No Name flasks and plastic containers.

We think the idea of a No Name Tesla is pretty wild, to be honest. But don't cross your fingers.

Here's a sample of some of the requests the public is putting in.

You know what they say: if the demand's there...

The generic brand has already branched out in some departments. Notably, it launched its own branded beer back in February 2019, and the beverage was made available in LCBOs.

Brand advocates want to see more expansion. In fact, it seems some won't stop until the whole of Toronto is bright yellow.

Narcity has reached out to No Name and its affiliates for comment.

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