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Noah Centineo's Girlfriend List Is A Long Line of California Babes

Here's all the girls he's loved before. 💔
Noah Centineo Girlfriend List Is A Long Line Of California Babes

We hate to be the bearer of major heartbreaking news, but everyone's rom-com Netflix crush is off the market. *gasp* The brown-eyed heartthrob has coupled up with yet another beautiful babe and let's just say there's a long line of girls he's loved before (all pun intended). We couldn't help but notice though - every lovely lady on the Noah Centineo girlfriend list has one thing in common. They're all California locals.

The Golden State is home to beautiful people everywhere. If you wanna be on the big screen, these ladies know that Cali is the place to be.

Here's a list of every girl your dream guy has reportedly been linked to - and sadly, it doesn't include Lana Condor. Tbh, we don't know if we should say you're welcome or we're sorry. Read it and weep.

Alexis Ren

Hometown: She's from Santa Monica, CA.

Relationship Status: Current girlfriend

Who She Is: Chances are, you've probably heard of Alexis Ren. With an Instagram following of 13.8 million followers and counting, this self-made model and actress is quite the internet celebrity.

Now, she's Noah's current girlfriend and the two look so happy.

Needless to say, they practically broke the internet when he posted this adorable pic of them together in a jacuzzi.


Angeline Appel

Hometown: Currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Relationship Status: Ex-girlfriend

Who She Is: Angeline is an American actress and model signed with Lane Management. Elite Daily claimed she dated Noah in 2016.

It's not clear how long they dated, but her IMDb bio says she appeared in an episode of The Fosters four years ago with him.


Kelli Berglund

Hometown: She is from Moorpark, California.

Relationship Status: Ex-girlfriend

Who She Is: This American actress is best known for her Disney rolesin the movie Lab Rats and How to Build a Better Boy. You might also recognize her from the Starz comedy Know Apocalypse. Popsugar reportedthe two dated in 2014 after they co-starred in How to Build a Better Boy.


Lily Collins

Hometown: She is from Guilford, United Kingdom. She moved to LA at the age of 5 and works as an actress. She's a California local now through and through.

Relationship Status: Possible ex-girlfriend

Who She Is: Lily Collins has become a bigger household name lately. You might have seen her in Love, Rosie, Mirror Mirror, and Stuck in Love.

Rumors of them dating sparked last year after they exchanged flirty comments on Instagram.

Noah posted a steamy shirtless pic in his Calvins to which Lily replied, "I never look that good when I lounge." He responded "Oh, please" with a fire emoji. If they were both single now, we'd totally ship it.


Okay, so Noah's dating history doesn't seem quite as bumpy and dramatic as Peter Kravinsky's. There are no accidental letters (that we know of), rivals for romance (*cough cough - John Ambrose), or life-changing high school ski trips.

But with such a high-profile dating life, we've got to give these ladies kudos for being willing to take the plunge and a chance on love.

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