With the number of crazy storms that Ontario has been dealing with this year, many Ontarians have faced a power outage or two due to strong winds of heavy rain. However, one Ontario town was without power on Thursday morning for a much more unique reason. Residents of North Bay were without power after a flying fish hit one of the transformers. 

Yes, you heard that right. North Bay Hydro took to Twitter on Thursday morning at around 7:30 a.m to describe the fishy situation, "We are aware of a power outage on Worthington St. East. Crews are investigating, more details to follow." 

While these power outages are usually restored with little explanation, often due to a fallen tree or strong winds, North Bay Hydro took to Twitter again only 10 minutes later, stating "Power has been restored on Worthington St. E. The outage was caused by a FISH! That's a correct, a fish was dropped on a pole-mounted transformer."

According to City News, the fish, which was later identified as a walleye, was likely dropped by a bird, before hitting the transformer. However, hydro units did joke that a resident may be really good at throwing fish around. 

Of course, other hydro companies were quick to jump in on the fun situation, Sudbury Hydro stating, "in the category of things you never thought you'd find on a pole top transformer... we think fish pretty much takes it!"

Luckily, North Bay Hydro was able to quickly restore power to those residents in North Bay, so they were able to continue on their busy Thursday morning. 

While a flying fish may seem like a pretty odd way for a power outage to occur, it looks like animals are a lot more involved in power outages than we may have originally thought. 

Just this summer, residents of Winnipeg were faced with a power outage after a murder of crows crashed into and damaged a local power station. 

A few years back, Winnipeg also struggled with another power outage, after a raccoon managed to get inside some electrical equipment, crashing power to thousands of hydro users. 

*Disclaimer: cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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