Sometimes the most beautiful beaches are overrun with tourists so you can't get the peace and quiet you deserve. If you're looking for serenity on North Carolina shores, there's a hidden beach town that's calling your name. This North Carolina beach has no stores, shopping or restaurants. Just you, nature, a few wild animals and your closest friends for a relaxing break from society. 

Carova Beach is a desolate beach on the Northern Outer Banks of the state. This beach town has remained largely untouched outside of the vacation homes and various properties. With under 300 year-round residents, this is the perfect destination to unwind after a stressful week. 

Even as the cool weather approaches, it doesn't take away from the beauty of this pristine shoreline. Regardless of the season, there's more than just the beauty of the beach; wild horses also roam regularly throughout the town. When you want to channel your inner child and build the most epic sandcastle, you might find that a wild horse is gracefully occupying the beach beside you.

Desolation means no paved roads, so you're gonna need heavy duty means of transportation to get there. Only Jeeps with 4WD are allowed in town, hence why this beach has been nicknamed "4x4 Beach."

If you don't own a Jeep or similar vehicle, there's a car rental agency right by the beach. Starting prices begin at $195 per day, but the experience is so worth the price tag.  

The beach houses in town are no joke, so you'll be living a life of luxury if you decide to visit. It's best to get a group together and split the cost, which can start at $800/week. 

Even though it's an isolated town, you can park your truck or Jeep on the beach for an epic tailgate where you're bound to meet other tourists. 

Carova Beach isn't the only hidden gem of a beach with natural wonders. Cumberland Island in Georgia is filled with the same vibes. Even this hidden beach in Georgia is worth taking the roaptrip to. 

Carova Beach

Price Per Night: $114/night+

Address: 106 Caratoke Highway Moyock, NC 27958

Why you need to go: If you're looking for a gorgeous place to unwind, this beach town is calling your name. 

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