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These North Carolina-Themed Teas Will Make You Feel The Relaxing Mountain Vibes

Sip & savor native flavors of the Southern Appalachians.
North Carolina Teas That Steep Heavy Mountain Flavors

Let’s spill the tea about a North Carolina tea company selling craft blends inspired by local nature. At the Asheville Tea Company, you can buy mountain-inspired teas blends. They’re 100% natural with zero flavor additives so you know you’re sipping the freshest, most in season flavors. 

A mug of hot tea hits the spot and pretty much cures everything. Even better is the feeling after brewing a cup of natural flowers from the Southern Appalachians. 

That’s what founder Jessie Dean does. She fuses the essence of mountain culture and tradition into “robust, unique, and fresh flavors.”

Dean supports a “farm-to-tea-cup” mission because she works with Southeastern farmers to produce handcrafted teas, so support local by shopping local y’all. 

Her products are sold in over 180 stores across the Carolinas. Flavors like "Asheville Grey" and "Blue Ridge Mtn Mint" hit home with folks in the region. 

80% of the botanicals are grown in the Southeast. This is great for tea drinkers looking for a pick-me-up blend that feels close to home.

The Blue Ridge Mtn Blend is made from locally grown mountain mint and actually brews into a blue hue.

Blue Ridge Mtn Mint North Carolina Tea Flavor

It will warm your heart and lift your thoughts to dreams of mountain explorations. 

Another blend that'll zen you out is Berry Bramble. Notes of raspberry, hibiscus, and blueberry leaves all snuggled together for a blend ripe with fruit. 

Berry Bramble North Carolina Themed Tea

The tea that’s the most original is the Asheville Grey blend. It’s a twist on a classic because along with the traditional black tea and bergamot essential oil combo, it has dried Calendula flowers which come straight from North Carolina. 

It pretty much tastes like a freshly cut flower.

Asheville Grey North Carolina Tea

Head over to the Asheville Tea Company website and use the promo code COZYUP for free shipping. The mountains await.

Asheville Tea Company 

Price: 💸

Why You Need It: These teas taste like the mountains and bring us real adventure.