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North Carolina Winery With Llamas Is The Perfect Fall Fun Activity With Booze

Spending a nice, cool day at a vineyard already means you are going to have a good day and a good time. One thing that could make your time even better is adding in cute, fluffy llamas that you can play with while you sip on your wine. This North Carolina winery with llamas allows you to roam the land and play with your new fluffy friends and miniature horses while you enjoy the cool breeze, bright sun and a nice drink.

Divine Llama Vineyards is located in East Bend, North Carolina. There are 5 acres of vineyards and 20 acres of pastures for llamas and mini horses to roam around and interact with their guests. 

All of the wines that are made at Divine Llama are named after each of the award-winning mammals themselves. It's a unique touch that just adds to the one-of-a-kind experience. 

You should block off a few hours in your schedule to enjoy this spot so you can really be immersed in the land. Reservations are not required for tastings unless you have a group of 10 or more, so you can just walk in and start drinking!

The wine tastings are only $10, AKA a steal. It includes a sampling of seven wines and you also get to keep a wine glass to add to your growing collection.

Four Ladies & Me Farm, the llama farm on the property, is the largest llama farm in the entire Southeast. You can go right up to the llamas and pet them while you drink your wine. Going to the farm is only $5 extra, and it is so worth it. 

There is also an excursion you can go on called Llama Trekking. You can trek with the llamas through the entire vineyard; spots book up fast because it is such a popular activity so you might want to secure your admission soon. Llama Trekking is $50 per person so grab the girls and have a blast. 

Whether you just want to taste some great wine or play with some fluffy farm animals, this vineyard and farm have it all. To keep your fun adventure going, you can explore this park near Beech Mountain that has a 50-foot waterfall or go on this four-hour scenic train ride through the Smokies

Divine Llama Vineyards

Price: $10

Address: 4126 Divine Llama Lane, East Bend, NC

Why You Need To Go: You can enjoy wine from this vineyard while playing with and petting llamas. 

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