The Sunshine State is known for it's well...Sunshine. We never really have to think about snow in paradise, but a recent cold front brings with it temps cold enough for snow in north Florida weather forecasts.

While temps have been dropping throughout Florida, some areas are starting to fluctuate more between the dipping lows and more comfortable temperate weather.

In the mornings we need jackets, in the afternoon we're back in our shorts, tanks, and flip flops. This evening though, North Floridians are definitely going to need the winter coat, hats & gloves.

Niceville is expecting to see a low of 29 F tonight, cold enough to freeze some water and encourage snowfall. Throughout the rest of November, Niceville will have highs in the mid-50s through 70s during the day, with lows dipping down into the low 40s in the evenings.

The December temps aren't looking much warmer for Niceville either. It's actually beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in northern Florida with consistent temperatures riding the mid to low 60 F for highs, and holding a straight 37 F for the first 4 days of the month.

As the Santa Season month goes on, temperatures will stay consistent around 37 F to 42 F for lows, with highs continuing to fluctuate through the low to mid-60s.

Niceville isn't the only city in north Florida expecting to see some snow-worthy temps either. Marianna will also have below freezing temps tonight dipping to a low of 30 F & only reaching a high of 48 F for the day — a freeze warning is also in effect for Marianna until Nov. 13th.

The rest of November in Marianna seems to climb back from the arctic blast, dropping back into the high 30s & low 40s in December.

Panama City will also be expecting a chilly low of 34 tonight, with temps staying in the low to mid-40s throughout the rest of November & December.

This certainly isn't the first time that weather has been Bi-Polar in the Sunshine State, and it likely won't be the last. Whether you're here hoping for that glimpse of snowfall or wishing it away, you're gonna want to grab your coats and prepare for some Florida chill.

With the cold weather sweeping across the state, it's the perfect excuse to get out and experience that seasonal feel; if you're looking for ideas to enjoy this chillier weather, check out these 12 things to do in Florida for your winter bucket list