Summer isn't the only season to spend outside and bask in the beauty of the outdoors. The crisp fall air that's hitting Georgia should prompt you to get outside and experience some hidden gems of nature. For starters, there's nothing like this North Georgia hike through a picturesque creek that leads to the most epics views. Emphasis on views because there are multiple waterfalls. 

Dukes Creek Falls Trail is moderate at best, so even if you can't complete the entire trail you can still witness several waterfalls and mountain views. The first trailhead you'll come across offers up insane views of Yonah Mountain, so you'll already start your trip off on a good note. 

Soon after, you'll be able to rest your feet beside Davis Creek, which is a detour from the main trail. The crystal clear waters coupled with the relaxing sounds of the stream make for a true moment of peace. 

While you make your way to the main waterfall, you'll come across several smaller waterfalls that are just as equally beautiful.

The grand finale of your hike is the biggest waterfall of them all. Dukes Creek Falls is a 150-foot waterfall that's even more majestic in person. The leafy feat of nature surrounded by moss is our fall favorite, where the auburn glow is imminent in every part of the trail. 

Your two-mile journey will wrap up at the base of the waterfalls, so soak up the moment (and maybe soak your toes in the water as well).  

This trail is right inside the iconic Helen, Georgia, so you'll be able to get a taste of nature and Bavarian German culture during one single trip. 

If you're in the mood for chasing waterfalls, Raven Cliff Falls is a short drive away and has more enchanting views. 

Dukes Creek Falls Trail 

Price: Free

Address: 1699 Richard Russell Highway, Helen, GA

Why You Need To Go: You can discover multiple waterfalls in one single trip while taking a much-needed break from society.