For most of us, a 2-mile walk is pushing the limits, but this 4.4-mile trail will be worth it once you get to the top. Yonah Mountain is a strenuous hike, but North Georgia’s most beautiful view is at the end of this trail.

Yonah Mountain is located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and is near Helen, Georgia. It is a longer hike, but from the bottom to the summit, it is only 2.2-miles, and then it is all downhill from there (in a positive way). It takes around two and a half hours to complete, and it a more difficult hike!

As soon as you get to the trailhead, the beginning of the hike, you will notice that you will be going uphill for a minute. Get those calves and thighs ready for the workout of a lifetime. 

The good thing is, the trail is surrounded by tree canopies as you carry on through the hike, so you have nature to look at, and you have something to keep you cooled down. 

You will go up a few steps of stone stairs that are embedded in the mountain, which makes the scenery look a little magical.

During the spring and summer months, there are usually wildflowers and grassy landscapes that take over the sides of the walking trail.

About 1.85-miles in, Atlanta Trails says that there is a can't-miss view that you have to see. You will see the farmland that is in the distance, and be able to take a small break. 

Once you are to the top, you will feel so accomplished and be able to sit and enjoy the view.

Unlike many other summits, there is a huge grassy area at the top where you can eat lunch and have a picnic before descending back down. 

You will see green mountains and farmland from the top and the view is panoramic, so it is all around you. After you are done taking it all in, you will hike to the bottom to end your trip. 

Do not forget to bring water and snacks, and always be careful where you are stepping!

Yonah Mountain

Price: Free!

Address: Yonah Mountain, Georgia 30571

Why you should go: The views from the top of the mountain are incredible and unlike other summits in North Georgia. There is a huge grassy area that you can sit on and enjoy the view, and it is free. 


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