We are all waiting on the cooler weather to arrive and with September finally here, it's only a matter of time. The change in the weather means being able to get outside and explore Texas for longer periods of time. If you're stumped on where to go, you can check out these amazing places to hike in North Texas.

Prairie Creek Park

Price: Free

Address: 2520 W. Prairie Creek Dr., Richardson, TX

Why You Need To Go: If you love waterfalls, this is the hike for you. You can take things slowly at this park and enjoy their waterfall and all of their great bridges.


Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area

Price: $5

Address: 201 E. Jones St., corner of Jones and Kealy streets, Lewisville, TX

Why You Need To Go: This is a perfect place to spend the day at any time of year but once the weather cools down, this place offers tons of miles to explore.

Cedar Ridge Preserve

Price: Free, donations of $3.00+ accepted

Address: 7171 Mountain Creek Pkwy., Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: The preserve has trails for everyone from beginners to pros. There are tons of amazing trails that allow for endless discovery.

Fort Worth Nature Center And Refuge

Price: $5

Address: 9601 Fossil Ridge Rd., Fort Worth, TX

Why You Need To Go: If you're looking for a place that is a little wilder, this preserve lets you get up close with some amazing bison. The trails here most always need to breathtaking views.


Big Spring State Park

Price: Free

Address: No. 1 Scenic Dr., Big Spring, TX

Why You Need To Go: If you're really looking for a place to hike with a great view, this is the park for you. The park has a bench at the very top of a short hike with a spectacular view of Big Spring.


Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary

Price: $10-12

Address: 1 Nature Pl., McKinney, TX

Why You Need To Go: This isn't a regular museum, it's a cool museum. While this isn't your traditional hiking spot, they do have tons of trails to spice up your routine and maybe get a little educated.


Caddo Lake

Price: $4

Address: 245 Park Rd. 2, Karnack, TX

Why You Need To Go: Cooler weather is usually associated with spookier times. If you're the type of person who loves getting spooky, you can hike around Caddo Lake. The lake is insanely beautiful but also slightly spooky.