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The Northern Lights Will Be Visible Across Southern Canada This Weekend

It's the perfect long weekend activity!
The Northern Lights Will Be Visible Across Southern Canada This Weekend

The northern lights are usually, well, northern. But this weekend Canadians living further south will be treated to a light show. The northern lights in Canada are sure to make for an exciting long weekend nighttime activity.

According to the U.S.'s National Oceanic and Atmopsheric Administration, a geomagnetic storm is to thank for the aurora borealis being visible across southern parts of Canada.

On Saturday and Sunday you will have the chance to see the northern lights from pretty far south, places that usually don't see the northern lights on a regular basis. 

The lights will dip down so far south on Sunday that citites like Vancouver, Quebec City and Toronto will be able to see the northern lights if weather conditions are optimal for viewing.

Though the geomagnetic storm will be strongest across southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba meaning a better light show than other southern places.

Below is the aurora forecast for Sunday. Dark green indicates where the geomagnetic storm will be strongest. 

Unfortunately the geomagnetic storm doesn't go south enough for Nova Scotia, the southermost part of Ontario and Vancouver Island to see the lights. 

To be sure to see the lights if they will be visible in your area, you need to find a dark place. So downtown Toronto might not be the best place for viewing.

You should try to head away from city lights to see the aurora.

According to The Weather network, "the most optimal time to view the aurora is a couple hours before or after midnight under a clear, dark sky".

It is also important to have good weather conditions to be able to see the northern lights. So check your local weather forecast and hope for clear skies this weekend!

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