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The Northern Lights Will Actually Be Visible In Southern Ontario Tonight

Northern Lights will be visible Thursday through most of Ontario.
Ontario Editor
The Northern Lights Will Actually Be Visible In Southern Ontario Tonight

With the Northern Lights mainly being a Northern phenomenon, most Southern Canadians have come to terms that they just aren't a sight that you will be able to see in your hometown. However, due to an unexpected geomagnetic storm, tonight might be your lucky night.  You'll actually be to see the Northern Lights in parts of Southern Ontario tonight. 

According to the Weather Network, the sight of the Northern Lights this far south is super unexpected. In fact, earlier this week on Tuesday, a random eruption of bright Auroras blasted across North America, and many Canadians were already able to spot a small glimpse of the Northern Lights.

The Weather Network states that something, though not sure exactly what that something was, caused a blast of activity of Earth's geomagnetic field. This created a geomagnetic storm that allowed for the Northern Lights to be visible throughout Southern Ontario for that short period of time on Tuesday. 

Unfortunately, because the appearance was so unexpected, many of us may have missed the amazing sight on Tuesday. Luckily, meteorologists ensure that it wasn't just a one-time occurrence and that most of Ontario and other parts of Canada will be able to see the amazing sight again tonight. The Weather Network states that another moderate geomagnetic storm that will hit the southern area tonight is the key component to seeing the lights. 

Most of Ontario, including the GTA, will be in a prime location to see the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, as well as other parts of Ontario farther north, such as Ottawa. 

Of course, while the Northern Lights will be present in the skies throughout Ontario, there are a few factors that determine whether or not you are actually able to spot them.  

The weather is a key factor in whether or not you will actually be able to see them. The Weather Network warns that any cloud coverage will limit the ability for you to spot the Northern Lights overhead. So make sure there is a clear sky in your area before camping out tonight. 

Another factor that will limit your ability to see these lights is light pollution. If you are in a big city, such as Toronto, the Northern Lights won't be visible due to the bright city lights that block out the view. 

[rebelmouse-image 25935294 photo_credit="The Weather Network " expand=1 original_size="679x380"]

With that in mind, areas such as the downtown core of Toronto definitely will not be the prime viewing area to spot the phenomenon. To be able to fully enjoy the Northern Lights make sure you drive well outside of city limits where there is significantly less light pollution. 

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