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A Nova Scotia Community Just Got Rocked By 2 Rare Earthquakes In A Row

People reported shaking and sounds similar to explosions.
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A Nova Scotia Community Just Got Rocked By 2 Rare Earthquakes In A Row

It's been a shaky couple of days for Dartmouth. A Nova Scotia earthquake rocked the region not once, but twice in the same community less than two days apart. These seismic events are not common for the region and have left some residents baffled.

At 12:24 a.m. on March 3, a 2.6 magnitude earthquake rattled Dartmouth, just east of Halifax.

According to Global News, Halifax Regional Police got multiple calls from people in the area reporting their homes shaking and sounds similar to explosions.

Nick Ackerley, a seismologist with Natural Resources Canada, told Global News that events like this produce seismic waves when moving through solid rock and that can create the loud sounds that people hear.

Thankfully, no injuries or property damage was reported by emergency services that responded to the calls from residents.

This event comes less than two days after another earthquake shook that exact same part of Nova Scotia.

On March 1 at 8:38 p.m., a 2.6 magnitude quake was also felt by people in Dartmouth.

Having one seismic event in the Halifax region isn't something that happens often, let alone two within 30 hours of each other.

Ackerley said that the area is pretty far from any tectonic plate edges that could be rubbing together so these earthquakes are out of the ordinary.

Earthquakes Canada reported both earth-shaking events originating from almost the exact same latitude and longitude and at a depth of only two kilometres.

While they weren't deep, these quakes were only lightly felt in the Dartmouth area because of the small magnitude.

Even though it wasn't a major one, people in the area were still shocked to feel their houses shaking and to hear loud noises when the quake struck.

On Twitter, one person said, "second earthquake in Dartmouth in two days lets gear up for the apocalypse boys."

Another said, "why is Dartmouth getting earthquakes lemme hide."

According to Earthquakes Canada, all of Nova Scotia has a low risk of damage that can be caused by quakes.

However, in another part of Atlantic Canada, uncommon seismic events also rattled the ground.

Back in February, three happened in Newfoundland less than a week apart and all were more than a 4.0 magnitude.

Seismic events can happen all over the country but some places are more likely to get them than others just based on where they're located.

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