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Nova Scotia Has Been Hiding A Secret Ice Cream Flavour That Looks Delicious

We need Moon Mist ice cream in the rest of Canada.
Nova Scotia Has Been Hiding A Secret Ice Cream Flavour That Looks Delicious

The East Coast is known for its fresh lobster and delicious seafood, but it turns out there is another amazing-looking food they have been hiding from the rest of the country. 

Moon Mist is a top-selling Nova Scotia ice cream flavour and it looks both unique and really delicious.

The ice cream is a blend of three different flavours, just like Neapolitan ice cream but way more out of this world. Moon Mist combines grape, banana and bubble gum ice cream, for the ultimate pastel unicorn or galaxy swirl. 

It's an odd flavour combo, but Nova Scotians seem to love it. Not to mention, Moon Mist ice cream is super Insta-worthy. 

In fact, people from the East Coast, and other parts of Canada love it so much that they have shared all sorts of Moon Mist inspired creations on Instagram, and some of them are as wild as the flavour itself. 

The most out-there is probably from a hairstylist, who dyed her client's hair in the same colours as the iconic dessert. Another is that a yarn company actually made an ice cream inspired ball of yarn in the colour of Moon Mist. And then, of course, there are other foods inspired by the dessert, like cupcakes and fudge. 

While Moon Mist is mainly a Nova Scotia specialty, there are ice cream shops in other parts of Atlantic Canada — and even a few others throughout Canada — that do carry the super unique flavour. 

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